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American Journal of Evaluation

Applied Behavioral Science Review

Brookings Review

Cato Journal



Evaluation Practice

Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History

Hoover Digest

Human Relations

Independent Review

Innovation - European Journal of the Social Sciences

International Social Science Review

International Social Studies Forum

The Journal of Economic Education

Journal of Regional Science

Kennedy School Review



Policy Review

Policy Studies

Policy Studies Journal

Policy Studies Review

Política y Sociedad

Political Science Quarterly

Portuguese Journal of Social Science

Public Interest

Qualitative Inquiry


Reason Papers

Review of Policy Research

Review of Public Data Use

Social Policy and Administration

Social Research

The Social Science Journal

Social Science Quarterly

The Social Studies

Social Studies Review

Social Theory and Practice

Studies in Comparative International Development

Trames : A Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana