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Acta Chimica Slovenica

Acta Crystallographica Section F

Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology

Advances in Physical Chemistry


Annual Review of Physical Chemistry

Biomolecular Diagnostics News

Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences-Chemistry

Canadian Journal of Chemistry

Chemical Sciences Journal

Chemistry Central Journal

Chemistry Review

Clinical Chemistry

Croatica Chemica Acta

Drug Discovery & Technology News

Geochemical Transactions

Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry

International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Journal of Chemical Physics

Journal of Chemical Research

Journal of Cheminformatics

Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Journal of Systems Chemistry

Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society

LC GC North America


Nature Protocols

Plastics Engineering

Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Chemistry

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Revista CENIC:Ciencias Químicas

Revista Cubana de Química

South African Journal of Chemistry

Turkish Journal of Chemistry