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American Atheist Magazine

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Arena Journal

Baptist History and Heritage

Bible and Critical Theory

Biblical Theology Bulletin

Books & Culture

Catholic Insight

Catholic Lawyer

Coactivity / Santalka

Cuadernos de la Catedra Miguel de Unamuno

Currents in Theology and Mission


Fides et Historia

Global Virtue Ethics Review

Historical Studies

Humanist in Canada

Humanist Perspectives

International Journal of Ethics

Islam & Science (17037603)

Ius canonicum

Journal of Philosophy: A Cross-Disciplinary Inquiry

Journal of Power and Ethics

Journal of Religion and Film

Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society

Journal of Thought


LIMES: Cultural Regionalistics


Middle Way



Other Side

Perspectivas Éticas

Philosophy in Review

Philosophy of Music Education Review

Praxis Filosófica

Religious Conference Manager

Religious Studies Review

Revista de Filosofía