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Act Abolishing Slavery in the District of Columbia

Act Abolishing the Slave Trade in the District of Columbia

Act Admitting Arkansas to Representation in Congress

Act for a National Bank

Act for a National Loan

Act for an Additional Article of War

Act for Calling Out the Militia

Act for the Prosecution of the Mexican War

Act of Authorizing the Employment of Volunteers

Act of Authorizing the Seizure of Railroad & Telegraph

Act of Chapultepec, 1945

Act of Havana

Act to Amend the Vagrant Laws of the State

Act to Confer Civil Rights on Freedmen, & for Other Purposes

Act to Define & Punish Certain Conspiracies

Act to Punish Certain Offenses Therein Named & for Other Purposes

Act to Regulate the Relation of Master & Apprentice, As Relates to Freedmen, Free Negroes, & Mulattoes

Acta Académica

Acta Agriculturae Serbica

Acta agriculturae Slovenica

Acta Agrobotanica

Acta Agronomica

Acta Amazonica

Acta Anaesthesiologica Taiwanica

Acta Angiologica

Acta Arachnologica

Acta Archaeologica - Budapest